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Depression Counseling Hillsville, Virginia

Depression Counseling

Many people struggle with depression at different times in their life. Depression can be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain which means that everything in the person's life could be perfect and they would still have a sense of sadness or a lack of motivation. Depression can also come from life circumstances, such as a family member died, being unhappy in a marriage, being unsatisfied with a job, or other daily struggles. During counseling a counselor will work with you to help you determine if your depression is related to a chemical imbalance, unhappy life circumstances, or both. A plan will be set in place to start developing a healthy self care routine that works for you to help you cope with these feelings of depression in a healthy manner and develop healthy coping skills to deal with these life stressors. We will also incorporate your spiritual beliefs into the healing process. 

*Please be aware that issues addressed in counseling are not limited to what is discussed above.

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